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FOES - The Master

A Guide to Classic Who references in New Who episodes.  Meet the Foes of Doctor Who...

The Master

Koschei, The Doctor's childhood friend (according to the Third Doctor story "The Time Monster").

Played by Roger Delgado
The Master first appeared in the first story of Season 8 "Terror of the Autons" (The Third Doctor) and was a villain in every story that season and intermittently after that, finally appearing in the Third Doctor story "Frontier in Space."

The Master used up his 12th and final regeneration (13th body) and existed as a decaying corpse in the Fourth Doctor stories "The Deady Assassin" and "The Keeper of Traken" eventually merging with Tremas...

Played by Anthony Ainley
Soon after merging with Tremas, the Master, in his new body, worked with the Doctor in "Logopolis" but betrayed him leading to the Fourth Doctor's death and regeneration into the Fifth Doctor, immediately going up against the Fifth Doctor in his first story "Castrovalva" as well as later Fifth Doctor stories "Time Flight" and "The King's Demon" as well as appearing in "The Five Doctors" and "Planet of Fire."
In the Sixth Doctor story "The Mark of the Rani" he worked with the Rani and worked against the Valeyard in "Trial of a Time Lord."
He appeared in one Seventh Doctor story "Survival" which ended with him trapped with his TARDIS on a planet that was turning him into a cat-person.

Played by Eric Roberts
In the Doctor Who movie after he was executed by the Daleks, the Master's remains were being transported back to Gallifrey by the Seventh Doctor when the remains became a snake-thing and entered the body of a paramedic who attended the accidental shooting of the Seventh Doctor.  Fighting the Doctor he is eventually sucked into the Eye of Harmony in the Doctor's TARDIS.

~ DUG.
This article refers only to references within the classic series, not the new series.

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