Doctor Who (1963) Season 17 (The Fourth Doctor)


The Doctor, Romana & K9 in (Season 18's "The Leisure Hive")

Serial 5J - Destiny of the Daleks [1 - 4]

  • Romana chooses to regenerate, takes on the form of Princess Astra.
  • Eleventh full Dalek story and the second Davros story.
  • At this time Davros is the last remaining Kaled.
  • First appearance of the Movellans - a race of humanoid robots, equals to the Daleks.
  • Available on:  Doctor Who: The Creature from the PitDoctor Who: City of Death (Story 105)
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Serial 5H - City of Death [1 - 4]

  • The Romana & the Doctor who spent time in Paris in 1979.  The Doctor considered it a "table wine year."
  • Doctor displays speed reading ability.
  • Romana finds "a very sophisticated device for a level five civilisation" on Earth.
  • A sonic knife appears.
  • The TARDIS is mistaken for art.
  • At the request of Captain Tancredi (a disguised time-splitnted alien called Scaroth from Jagaroth) Leonardo da Vinci made at least six copies for a later splinter of Scaroth to sell later
  • The Doctor, Romana and Duggan see the primordial soup that all life on Earth comes from.
  • The Doctor stopped Scaroth, last of the Jagaroth, from using time travel to save his crew when the last known Jagaroth ship (the rest had been wiped out in a war with another race) exploded.
  • Available on:  Doctor Who: City of Death

Serial 5G - The Creature from the Pit [1 - 4]

Serial 5K - Nightmare of Eden [1 - 4]

Serial 5L - Horns of Nimon [1 - 4]


Serial 5M - Shada [1 - 6]

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