Doctor Who (1963) Season 5 (Second Doctor)


The Doctor, Jamie & Victoria.

Serial 2M - The Tomb of the Cyberman [1 - 4]
  • The third Cybermen story.
  • In the 25th Century the Doctor helps archaeologists enter the tombs of the Cybermen, where he faces Cybermats, reawaken Cybermen and their leader the Cyber-Controller.
  • The Doctor says that he's about 450.
  • The Cybermen appear (obvously) and are shown breaking out of their tombs.
  • Available on:  Doctor Who: The Tomb of the Cybermen.

Serial 2N - The Abominable Snowmen [1 - 6]

Serial 2O The Ice Warriors [1 - 6]
  • Set sometime on future Earth during a new ice age, scientists discover a Martian warrior in a glacier.  The "ioniser" used by the scientists end up causing an explosion that kills the Martian and destroys his craft.
  • Available on:  Doctor Who: The Ice Warriors.

Serial 2P The Enemy of the World [1 - 6]

Serial 2Q - The Web of Fear [1 - 6] Episode 3 missing.
  • Set in the London Underground Railway.
  • Features of the robot Yeti.
  • A group of British infantrymen lead by Colonel Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart, helped the Doctor.
  • Available on:  Doctor Who: The Web of Fear.

Serial 2R - Fury of the Deep [1 - 6]  All missing.
  • First appearance of the Sonic Screwdriver.

Jamie, Zoe & the Second Doctor

Serial 2S - The Wheel in Space [1 - 6]  Episodes 1, 2 and 4, 5 are missing.
  • The Second Doctor is implied to have one heart.
  • Jamie McCrimmon says the Doctor's name is "John Smith."
  • In 2079, the Cybermen attempt to take over Space Station W3 to use its direct radio link to Earth as a beacon for an invasion, only to be stopped by the Doctor.

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