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FOES - Davros

A Guide to Classic Who references in new Who including classic foes.


Davros lived on Skaro during the war between the two races who shared the planet - the Kaleds and the Thals.  He is best known as the creator of the Daleks.

Contains spoilers for the episodes discussed.

Genesis of the Daleks (Season 12)

The Time Lords discover that the Daleks will exterminate all life in the universe and intercept the Fourth Doctor sending him back to their creation to prevent that happening.  The Doctor finds that Kaled scientist Davros has discovered that the Kaleds are mutating and does experiments to find their final form and creates the "Mark III Travel Machine" for them.  Davros rejects the Doctor's argument that the creation of the Daleks must be stopped, saying that creating something that can destroy all life puts him above the gods.  Rigging the Dalek incubator to explode, thus destroying the Daleks before they are created, but refuses to commit genocide.  Davros discovers that the Daleks have initiated the automated assembly line without his instructions to do so, as they consider themselves to be the superiour beings and refuse to even acknowledge Davros's dominion over them, leading to them killing off the Kaleds and finally exterminating Davros himself.  During these events the Daleks are entombed in the Kaled bunker by the Thals, leading to the rise of the Daleks to be delayed (in the Doctor's estimation) by a thousand years.

Destiny of the Daleks (Season 17)

With the war between the Daleks and the Movellans (a race of humanoid robots) at a stalemate, the Daleks begin excavations on Skaro, in search of Davros in the belief that they will give them the ability to break the deadlock and gain victory.  They find Davros, who has been kept in suspended animation since his presumed death in "Genesis of the Daleks."  Davros's plans to help the Daleks are defeated by the Fourth Doctor and Davros is put into cryogenic sleep and taken to Earth to be put on trial for his crimes.

Resurrection of the Daleks (Season 21)

The Daleks rescue Davros after 90 years of his cryogenic sentence in hope that he will develop a cure to a virus that attacks Dalek tissue - a virus developed by the Movellans and which has turned the war in their favour.  Davros, however, uses the situation to his advantage and forms his own small army, causing a war between those loyal to him and those still loyal to the Supreme Dalek.  The Fifth Doctor, however, exposes Davros to the Movellan virus killing him before he can escape.

Revelation of the Daleks (Season 22)

Davros sets himself up as "The Great Healer" in a cryonics facility using the bodies as material for his experiment to turn humans into Daleks loyal to him.  Another set of Daleks not loyal to Davros arrive, but the base is destroyed before they can take him away to stand trial, killing Davros and wiping out his army of Daleks.  During this story, Davros was shot in the right hand, destroying the limb.

Remembrance of the Daleks (Season 25)

Two Dalek factions the Imperial Daleks (lead by Davros disguised as the Emperor Dalek) and the Renegade Daleks (lead by the Supreme Dalek) fight to obtain the Time Lord artifact the Hand of Omega.  The Seventh Doctor tricks Davros into using the Hand, which he has booby-trapped to cuuse a supernova which destroys the Dalek homeworld of Skaro.  Davros flees in an escape pod.

The Daleks have also appeared in Doctor Who (2005).

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This article refers only to references within the classic series, not the new series.

The Time Crash blog was created to help New Who fans understand Classic Who references - and to know if something isn't a reference but a new idea.  If there's a reference I missed or a subject that you feel needs more explaining, please comment.

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